Personal Training

What is personal training?

Personal trainers guide and motivate individual or groups of clients in meeting their personal fitness goals. This is initiated by determining current fitness level, assessing areas for improvement, and defining the client’s personal goals. The personal trainer then recommends an individual fitness program that addresses all components of training. While implementing the program, the personal trainer continually assesses the client’s progress and adjusts it as necessary.

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Private 1-on-1 Sessions

These are all about you and your goals. I'll be by your side every rep along the way.

  • Instant Feedback to ensure proper form
  • Accountability - If you were to skip a workout, when not working with a trainer, no one really notices. All private sessions are scheduled and paid for in advance. Which means, I'll be there and expect you to be.

  • Plus access to all online/mobile features.

My goal as a trainer is to empower and educate you. Helping you feel confident about reaching your fitness goals.

Price: $75/session

Small Group Training (3 or more participants)

Let's be honest... It's more fun with your friends!

  • Motivation - Having someone workout right next to you can help you push yourself harder than you normally might.
  • Support each other through challenging workouts
  • Accountability - You wouldn't let your friends down, would you?

Price:  $20/person



Willing to travel within 20 miles of 06824

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